Bailey’s Bold Journey

How Next Gen Minis is helping a determined 2-year-old move mountains.

8 weeks ago, a determined Bailey McMillan walked through the doors of Next Gen Minis in Yarrawonga.

Amongst the bouncing balls, spinning hoops, and activity stations, the 2-year-old walked consciously on his eager feet. The sounds, the lights and the unfamiliar faces all becoming pieces of the puzzle that were about to help him overcome all odds, and move closer to finding out more about himself than he ever has before.

His cheeky personality effortlessly dissolved the fact that only one year ago he was diagnosed with autism, and is currently non-verbal. For Bailey, this wasn’t just an entrance to a sporting venue, this was an opportunity to take on the world, conquer his fears, and embrace change.

Trips to doctor’s appointments and meetings, partnered with Bailey’s inability to adapt to different social situations, left his parents eager to aid in the development of Bailey’s social skills. They wanted to provide Bailey with the best opportunity to take on life with friends by his side.

It was here that Emma, Bailey’s mum, was invited to join the Next Gen Mini’s Yarrawonga Facebook Group. She was instantly drawn to the program because there was nothing in the area that offered the opportunity for Bailey to become more socially involved.

Emma enrolled Bailey into the Next Gen Minis program, and took the risk every Saturday morning to help conquer Bailey’s social anxieties.

The risk was worth taking.

‘ When Bailey started Minis, he had… basically no co-ordination, he was unable to balance, he couldn’t kick a ball or roll without assistance, and now he can do all of those things…plus more!’ says Emma.

But, Bailey’s positive progress didn’t stop at the door of Minis. It continued to increase and shine through his daily activities at home, and during his weekly therapies.

‘ He currently sees an Occupational and Speech Therapist every alternate fortnight and has done so for 18 months. But, we haven’t seen progress like we have in the past 8 weeks of Minis.

Bailey’s eight weeks at Next Gen Minis has transformed him into a determined toddler ready to take on new challenges. This transformation was encouraged by a Mini’s program that addresses and adapts to Bailey’s specific developmental needs.

‘He is so much more confident within himself, he cheers himself on, is stepping outside his comfort zone, and pushing his own boundaries’

‘ I can honestly say that he doesn’t feel this way towards any other activity in his life, so it means the world to his Dad and I to see him enjoy something so much’.

Here’s to Bailey boldly living his best life.

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